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Waterhouse Gallery
David Jia

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Santa Barbara Cliffs along Shoreline 12 x 24 Oil $1600
 Daylight Effect, Goleta Beach 12 x 16 Oil $850
Cloudy Day 8 x 10 Oil $650
 Tides, Shorline Park 8 x 8 Oil $575
 Golden Glow More Mesa 8 x 8 Oil $575
 Arroyo Beach Park 8 x 8 Oil $575
  Glow After Rain 8 x 8 Oil $575
 Reflections Before Sunset 8 x 8 Oil $575

  Shoreline Beach 8 x 8 Oil $575
Green Life 8 x 10 Oil $650
  Projection 12 x 16 Oil $975
  Desolate Land 8 x 10 Oil $650
Shady in the Dessert 8 x 10 Oil $650
The Other Side, Goleta Beach 11 x 14 Oil $850
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David Jia was born in 1974, in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China.
When David was young his father began to train David in the art of painting.
David's father was a highly respected artist in the local area and has been engaged in art education for many years.

David's major was design at university and after graduation, he worked in the design industry for many years in China.

David came to the United States and now lives in beautiful California.

His father had a great influence on David and it was his a constant enthusiasm and encouragement that helped David retain his persistence
to become a Fine Artist.

In 2016 David concentrated on painting the landscape. David starts from the true sense of oil painting and this is a very happy thing for David.

He likes the sunshine here, all the colors look so clean and pure.
He enjoys the dialogue with nature, uses this to compliment his compositions and color to complete a work.

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