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Waterhouse Gallery
John Modesitt 

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  Evening Shadows 18 x 24 Oil $5000

  Spring in Marin County 21 x 26 Oil $5800
 Spring Warmth 16 x 20 Oil $3900
  Shadowed Hills 16 x 20 Oil $3900
 Backcountry Valley 24 x 30 Oil $6500
 Barges on Burgundy Canal 18 x 24 Oil $5000
Backcountry Path 9 x 12 Oil $1400 
View Through the Eucalyptus 12 x 9 Oil $1400 
 Chateau in Burgundy 16 x 20 Oil SOLD
 Garden in Burgundy 18 x 24 Oil $5000
Prelude to the Night 30 x 40 Oil $11000

 Hydrangeas 24 x 24 Oil $5000 


 A Glimpse of the Ocean 40 x 30 Oil $11000
 Evening Coast, Big Sur 20 x 24 Oil $4500
 Big Sur 24 x 24 Oil $5000
 Big Sur Surf 16 x 20 Oil $3000
 Carmel by the Sea 12 x 16 Oil $1950
 Monterey 15 x 21 Oil $2500
 Coastal Poppies 8 x 10 Oil $1250
 Evening Hills, Marin County 9 x 12 Oil $2300
 Monterey 9 x 12 Oil $1200
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Mediterranean, South of France
20 x 24 Oil

Across the Bay
22 x 15 Oil

Burgundy Lavender Fields
18 x 24 Oil

San Diego Coastal Evening
24 x 24 Oil

Eucalyptus over Ojai
40 x 30 Oil

Behind Ojai
8 x 8 Oil

California Eucalyptus
40 x 30 Oil

Sunset Reflections
40 x 30 Oil

Backcountry Autumn
30 x 32 Oil

Malibu Creek
24 x 30 Oil



Lake Lucerne Summer
20 x 24 Oil


John had a desire to paint when he was 12 years old. At that time, he only had watercolors to work with and cheap paper. John had no reference material, only a Renoir poster his father purchased in Europe. John also had a Picasso print in a frame and one other print of a ship at sea. The ship painting fascinated him because it showed the texture of some thickly applied paint. That is the first impressions he had that led to a strong desire to paint..

John's love for painting and his love for nature merge as he constantly seeking to improve on his skills. John's love for the French Impressionists still show as he spent 20 years studying them in American and European museums. He still goes to France and paints there. He has a special love for the Early California Impressionists as well and still finds locations similar to what they have painted.

Fortunately he can still find open spaces with beautiful flowering hills. There is something special and timeless when he is outside painting a scene that reminds him of the 1900's. John also loves the great expanses of Montana and Idaho. He loves the colors of the West and often paints Western scenes that depict Native Americans. The Eastern Sierras are an artists dream. Anywhere there is an unspoiled natural environment, there is something for him to paint. It is John's passion to present to this world beautiful works of art in a timeless tradition.


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