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Steven Curry

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 One Love 20 x 24 Oil $3900


 Calmness 12 x 16 Oil painting image size $2900

Evening Outlook 5.5 x 4 Oil painting image size SOLD

  Hillside Manor 5.5 x 3.75 Oil painting image size SOLD

  Three for the Road 8 x 8 Oil painting image size $1150
   Delta Bliss 8 x 8 Oil $1150


   Looking Beyond 12 x 15 Oil SOLD


 The Hills Beyond 6 x 8 Oil $800


 The Divide 8 x 6 Oil $800


 Visual Effect 10 x 8 Oil $950


 Valley View 8 x 10 Oil SOLD


  Field of Dreams 8 x 10 Oil $975
  Around the Corner 30 x 24 Oil $4900


   Waiting to Cross 24 x 20 Oil $3900
  Togetherness 16 x 20 Oil SOLD
 Winters Kiss 8 x 6 Oil SOLD    Afterglow 10 x 8 Oil SOLD
Douglas Preserve Walk 8 x 10 Oil SOLD

  Shorebound 30 x 20 Oil SOLD
   And So it Was 22 x 28 Oil sold


  Evening Rhymn 11.5 x 9 Oil SOLD
 Lean Greens 24 x 20 Oil sold


Getting There 8 inch Circle Oil SOLD



Born 1957 in Milbrae California, Steven was immediately immersed in the natural beauty of the California landscape. Drawing and painting began at a very early age with dedicated studies in art between 1975 and 1982, receiving a BFA from California State University, Long Beach.

From 1988 to 2003, Steven owned and operated the Curry Design Agency / CDA in Santa Monica, California, hosting clients such as, Nissan North America, Sony Pictures, the Academy Awards, the Jet propulsion Labs / NASA, etc. During those years, three separate works were selected to be archived in the permanent collection of the United State of America Library of Congress.

In 2003, Steven retired from commercial work in order to pursue painting full-time, moving to the Ojai Valley, California, a rich and seemly endless resource of natural beauty.


Featured in
Southwest Art Magazine

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Lunar Landing
14 x 11 Oil

Northwest Passage
16 x 12 Oil SOLD


  Winter Passage
9 x 7 Oil

The Next Step
8 x 6 Oil SOLD

Around the Bend
8 x 10 Oil SOLD

9 x 7 Oil

Thin Branches
8 x 6 Oil SOLD


September Song
10 x 8 Oil SOLD



Three in a Row 6 x 9 Oil SOLD


The Present 14 x 11 Oil SOLD


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