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Waterhouse Gallery

La Arcada
1114 State Street, #9, Santa Barbara
California 93101

phone: 805-962 8885 cell: 805-452-1062


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Gallery Hours
Mon-Sat 11am to 5pm - Sunday 12 to 4pm

Gallery Events for 2020

Three Young Masters
Derek Harrison - Kyle Ma - Hsin-Yao Tseng

Opening September 26th

 Small Painting Exhibition
Celebrating our 36th Anniversary
Saturday November 21st

California Art Club    Santa Barbara Chapter Events
Tuesday, Sept. 15th - 2:00pm
  Artist/CAC member Steve Curry
Waterhouse Gallery.
Tuesday, Oct. 20th - 2:00pm
  Artist/CAC member Bela Bacsi
Waterhouse Gallery.
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Gallery Hours
Mon-Sat 11am to 5pm - Sunday Noon to 4pm

Waterhouse Gallery specializing in Plein-air landscape,
figurative and still life paintings by leading California artists.

Waterhouse Gallery has a fine selection of Original Oil and
Watercolor Paintings by award winning artists from Santa Barbara
and across the USA, Canada & Europe.

Waterhouse Gallery does not purchase artwork.

Waterhouse Gallery gives appraisals
only on pieces previously purchased from the gallery.


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